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New Toolbox - DeWalt Tough System

My 25 year old Rubbermaid toolbox (that was a hand-me-down from my father!) finally broke in to enough pieces that it warranted being replaced.

DeWalt Tough System

As usual, I tried to spend well and went with DeWalt's Tough System, because it looks like it'll survive cold weather, is a modular/stackable system that has the modules I want, and generally doesn't suck. (Note: Don't confuse Tough System with TStack, the latter being the more consumer oriented line.)

Top unit is the DWST08201 Tough System Case - Small, and the bottom is DWST08225 Tough System Drawer Unit, it's a heavy combo when loaded, but thankfully it's easy to split and carry one in each hand. The only tools that aren't in there are my fish tape & fish sticks, 3' level, and power drill.

Top/Main chest - usual tools & small store of consumables

Hidden compartment of top has some USB chargers, CAT5e cables, pencils & Sharpie, test leads, foam ear plugs, Tylenol, but there should be some bandages too...

Lower unit - top drawer is consumables: tie-wraps, Marretts, screws, RJ45 & RJ45 ends & boots, telephony bits 'n bobs...

Lower unit - bottom drawer has larger & specialized tools: butt-set, cable toner & tester, RJ11/RJ45 crimper, clamp meter, DMM, hammer, bullet level, safety glasses, spade bits, more wood screws, label maker.