Quick Lunch: Tacunas

Posted by Mike Geiger on Sunday, February 19. 2017 in Rocket-Taco

Tuna Taco == Tacuna

(... not to be confused with the jumping spider by the same name.)

  • 1 tin flaked tuna
  • mayonnaise (I use Veganaise)
  • powdered cumin and chili
  • spicy hot sauce
  • cheese - chedder/marble/mozarella
  • corn tortillas

  1. drain tuna - like, hardcore drain that
  2. in a small bowl, mix tuna & mayo to taste... avoid getting too zingy though
  3. heat tortilla in small frying pan, flip, add cheese
  4. place torilla on serving plate (put next one in pan!)
  5. add 1-2 tablescoops of tuna
  6. sprinkle cumin & chili to taste (you can be fairly liberal here, overcoming the tuna & mayo will be tough)
  7. drizzle on hot-sauce (balance this against the amount of cheese and mayo to offer enough burn but to quell later taco-regret)
  8. Enjoy! (now is a good time to flip the second tortilla and add cheese)
  9. Repeat.

Optional: Double up on tortillas, using the cheese as an adhesive layer.
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Posted by Mike Geiger on Friday, November 18. 2016 in GTA, Photography

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Television Reality

Posted by Mike Geiger on Sunday, November 13. 2016

Hearing about it for the first time, I thought, "haha - won't he give them a run for the money... there's no way he'll succeed, but he'll sure mess up their party", then it became "he can't possibly gain enough delegates..."

I tried my best to avoid the circus, but it was unavoidable. I couldn't believe that monologues and tweets weren't simply Hollywood or Reality-TV crap, that anyone with a right mind could take it seriously.

Build a wall? Ban all Muslims? Who thinks this is a solution to a problem? Who subscribes to these notions?!
Answer: 60.3 million people.

People I talk to describe a surreal feeling as they watched the results come in Tuesday night, clinging to any hope that things would turn at the last minute. I didn't rest well. I couldn't turn on the news Tuesday morning.

And just two days later, I started to see it. "Trump to deport 2-3 million undocumented immigrants", considerations of a climate-change denier for environmental ministries, a creationist for education, an ultra-right-wing sensationalist journalist editor for Chief of staff. This is a tragic-comedy I'm reading, right?

Then it got worse.

"This is white-America now"

I feel sick.

Can you change the channel please? I don't seem to be able to.
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Paper Mill Pinhole Camera

Posted by Mike Geiger on Wednesday, August 5. 2015

Paper Mill Pinhole from Myke on Vimeo.

Working in the old abandoned E.B.Eddy/Domtar paper mills at Chaudière Falls in Ottawa Ontario Canada, I noticed something moving on the floor - and realized it was the clouds.

Audio is very low, but you're not missing much.

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