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Driving again! Yay! Kayaking again! Yay! Kayak Tour Biking again! Yay! It's is true - you never forget how to ride a bike It's pretty awesome - I'm driving again, I'm kayaking again, I'm biking again, and while I do wear the black wrist brace for Comment (1)

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#1 - Blue blue green 2006-08-24 13:30 - (Reply)

I like the colour, but I wouldn't say it's root beer....
Glad you're happy with it!

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#2 - André said:
2006-08-24 16:36 - (Reply)

Good looking bike; you'll also find the frame much more rigid then an old chromoly frame.

Derailleur technology has changed in the gear switching more then anything, and robustness. Discs have changed braking a ton and the geometry of the bike is going to be somewhat different from your old one. (riser handlebars rather then flat and the like.)

The forks are made to be adjusted without special tools usually but I wouldn't embark on a rebuild of them.

For your knees you may need something to hold your feet in the pedals, best bet is clipless pedals, they also tend to be easier (once you get used to them) to get out of in times of trouble the baskets. For me I was able to adjust for my pronation (duck feet) so that my knees didn't hurt after the first 5 minutes of riding. Also, make sure that your seat is the right height, you should be almost straight at the bottom of the stroke.

Go out and have fun!

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#3 - britney said:
2007-12-12 12:10 - (Reply)

He Man ! Nice Hoss-pics ! the postman bring mine a few months ago ;-) deeluxe greetings from Vienna, b.

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